Books That Excite Little Otter Me!

Oh! I admit there are certain types of books that come into the store that truly excite me. And I openly admit they are hard for me to put on the shelf but I do. I know! How mature.  Here is one that just came in. Isn’t it awesome? It fits perfectly in the hand. Has enough wear that puts it over the edge of greatness. The title is “Field Book of Wild Birds and Their Music: A Description of the Character and Music of Birds, Intended to Assist in the Identification of Species Common in the United States East of the Rocky Mountains,” written by F. Schuyler Mathews. It is a revised edition (1921) printed by G. P. Putnam’s Sons. Why aren’t more books like this published now?

Awesome Book!

Songs of the Meadowlark


4 thoughts on “Books That Excite Little Otter Me!

  1. Hi ocub,
    I’m one of the 7 living great grandchildren of F. Schuyler Mathews! I’m a librarian in a
    public library in CT and I’m constantly looking for items that were written and/or illustrated by F(erdinand) Schuyler Mathews! In his youth he signed letters as Ferdi and then later he went by F. Schuyler Mathews or just FSM. In my family, we have always valued the “plates” (or official drawings for the books) of the birds as their bird calls were transcribed just underneath and FSM used to lecture and whistle these bird calls as he talked. (He was an incredible musician in addition to being an artist.)
    FSM dedicated the book that you held and admired, to his children, my grandmother Genevieve and her brother Carroll. He passed his middle name on to his son, and my grandmother passed it on to her son (my father.) And just this last Saturday my son who also carries Schuyler as his middle name, passed it on to yet another son,
    to Channing Schuyler Harris.
    It makes me smile whenever I hear of someone discovering this book. It is a true gem and has a very special place in my heart!


    • Thank you so much for sharing your family’s story. It is a wonderful book. And it felt so good in the hand. I admit I hated putting it on the shelf but I knew it wasn’t meant for me. How do booksellers know this kind of stuff? Anyways, shortly it made it way on the shelf and it sold. I know it is going to a wonderful person because the woman who purchased it was so nice. Again, thank you!


    • I have his book the fieldbook of american wild flowers. I am trying to find more about this book. It was published by the Knickerbocker press in early 1900s. There is writing on inside to someone by the name of Rosyln Keller from aunt Daisy june 1 1921 age 12. Can you help me or
      direct me to a place where I can get more information abo this book that is at least 100 years old? I think?


      • I’m not sure if you are looking for a value of the book. In case you are, the best way would be to actually see the book. It is a book that has come and gone from the store several times and one that I really like. I like the cover. Generally the book could go from $10 up depending upon the condition. If you are in the area stop in! Thanks for thinking of my store.


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