I’m sure you clicked onto this page to see what books I have available online. After much thought I decided to take down my online offering. Those books would have been found on AbeBooks but frankly, I never posted many books. A couple of hundred. Not the thousands many a used bookstore posts. My effort has generally been to keep the store fresh with newly shelved books.  I add books daily so you’ll have to come in to see what’s up on the shelves. Like an old-fashioned bookstore. Experience the book calling out to you instead of the other way around. It’s very exciting. 

Or please feel free to call the store at 802-388-3241.

Please note that I also purchase used textbooks for PennText a PA company. Bring in your books to see what price you’ll be offered or call the store with ISBN numbers.  I give you cash (actually a check) for your books on the spot. And I accept textbooks throughout the year and from any college.

Thank you!



2 thoughts on “Books

  1. Hi — my father left behind a good many books on Buddhism and Catholicism, and the Wild West. With some other eclectic titles in there, of course. As I have a small home, I wonder, do you purchase books? I would be happy to bring them to Middlebury for you to have a look.
    Thank you for your time,
    Emma Strahs


  2. I inherited a collection of books, mainly music books and music history etc. I would like to sell the collection as a single lot and I am wondering if you are interested. Up to this point I have cataloged about a third of them so it will number about 150-175 (maybe more because I haven’t finished going through all the boxes). I can send you a spreadsheet of the books I have cataloged up to this point. I also would deliver to your store if you are interested.
    Jack Wilson


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