Move Progressing Otterly Well

The move is going well. It may appear to be slow but I see a lot of progress. Customers will notice a number of bookcases missing and piles of books on the floor where they once stood.  Hard on someone who likes order. (me!) But I’m coping. And I know it’ll be worth it. Oh, yea!

Philosophy, most of religion, sciences, mysteries (hc & pb) spirituality, many cookbooks, architecture, home decorating, part of crafts can be found in their new home. In fact, next Monday (Aug 1) both locations will be open. That day the phone, internet and credit card machine will be all be transferred from the old space. That’ll mean the Main Street location will be cash/checks only and books will  still be 1/2 off. Once they get moved over they’ll be once again priced as marked.

It’s been a puzzle fitting everything in. What will go where. But it’s been working out. Quite an amazing feat, huh? The entrance way will be for paperbacks. That leads to the big yellow room which will house fiction, history, mysteries, religion, poli sci, biographies. I think that’s it. Then there’s a another hallway which has architecture, crafts and home decorating. There is a small room perfect for the children’s room and will include parenting, education. From there another room is found that will have poetry, drama, books-on-books, as well as the cash register and my desk. Then back to the paperback hallway. A nice circle. Oh, in the big yellow room is a closet that has been converted to The Potting Shed: gardening, ag-related, homesteading. And in the front room another closet has been converted to hold Collections.

So all is going well and actually as planned. Phew! What a relief.

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