Otter Goals

I am a person who sets goals for myself. I generally reach them. Some I revise because of the reality of a situation. Like in my previous job I realized that no, I didn’t want a daily commute to Montpelier even after I was strongly encourage to not pull my name from applying.  I changed my priorities.

I purchased this used bookstore and have met many of my goals and expectations. Was moving the location a goal? I think so because I wanted to elevate the business. I strongly feel that moving to the Marble Works has helped to achieve that. Don’t you? Even though I left Main Street. You know, out of the basement into the light. I’ve got beautiful windows. And atmosphere!

So, I had been working on a particular financial goal since I opened here in the Marble Works. A dollar amount for one day in sales. Once I met that goal I was to get my hair cut. Short hair equals no fuss. Goes along with my  ‘No Rules in a Used Bookstore’. Well, I made that goal! Yes! I have cut my hair! It is short. And the best part? I’ve met that goal three times since. It feels good. Good that I met a goal and good that I have my hair cut. Oh yes, I’ve set another financial goal but not tied to a hair cut. Something fun. Never will I set a goal around getting my hair cut. Nope!


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