Merry Christmas!

I didn’t mean to let all this time get away from me between posts. Ah, the life of a used bookstore, I guess. I’ve just been busy with my routine and blogging became secondary. My weekly updates fell flat but there is always a New Year’s resolution to make. I’ll give that the old-used-bookstore try for 2013.

I’ve been working through the many boxes that have come into the store the past couple of months. But yet, isn’t that what I’m always doing? Very eclectic stuff. I’ve set aside books to post online. Mainly with I do have to come clean. At a recent Vermont Antiquarian Booksellers Association (VABA) meeting I got a scolding for mentioning that I boycott Amazon. WHY? they shouted. So I explained my reasoning and they informed me that I was being stupid because, unfortunately that is where they generally make the most sells. Rats! I shouted back. Mainly to myself. They told me it was easy so just do it. So I did. I posted one book.  That’s where the market is and even though I may not agree with that (in principle) that’s the way of the market. Sometimes being stubborn is not such a good thing. Another New Year’s resolution.

I had a couple of anniversaries recently. One year of moving to the Marble Works and six years of owning the business. And throw in a wedding anniversary, too. Hard to believe six years of Otter Creek Used Books. It has become such a part of my life and so enjoyable. I’m very happy here in the Marble Works, and happy to own such a business.

I actually had a reason to post today and I got away from that. This Thursday – 12/13/2012 – the store will be open for Middlebury’s Stag & Doe Night. Part of the Very Merry Middlebury December celebrations. The store will be open additional hours, 5-8 pm. I’m offering 10% off all purchases during those hours to add to the fun.

Now we just need some snow!

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