And Starring….Otter Creek Used Books

Yes, books from the store will be starring in Middlebury College “J” term’s production of INTO THE WOODS. How much fun is that? A lot of fun!

Ok, there will be college actors and all that but seriously it’s all about the books, isn’t it?

Doug Anderson, Executive Director of Town Hall Theater here in Middlebury is the stage director and has done a “J” term musical production for a number of years.  His vision for this year’s set was a library. And well, you know what a library consists of. So he contacted me to see if it was possible to supply him with a great number of books. Of course! I don’t know how many boxes went out of the store but a lot. Now I’m itching to see the set. But I’m going to be a good audience. Yes, I could have slipped in but I want to experience the whole theatrical effect – lights, audience, smell.  The whole theater experience.

Here’s a photo of some of the students loading up one of the cars:

And to give you an idea of what the set will look like here is a mock-up of one scene:

Took my breathe away! The trees – apple ladders – with their leaves of book pages.  (Note: all pages were from books falling apart.) And see all the bookshelves? It blew my mind to see this and made me so jealous that I never thought of such a set.  I know, I’m such a nerd! But tonight I will be a happy nerd and a proud used bookseller seeing my books under the lights.

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