[Used] Books vs E-books

Right off, my comparison is going to be a lot different than you are probably use to. As a seller of used books I’m not frightened of e-readers. Not at all. Why you ask? Well, let’s look at the differences.

When you think of used books you might think of an image such as:
Or what about this:Or:
Books – physical books – stir emotions. Create anticipation. Discovery. As well as artistic backdrops. The smell, possible notations from previous owner(s), mementos tuck in between pages. Even serve as a diary. A diary of remembrance. A pile of books. Enjoyable to look at. Am I not right? Of course I am!

Here’s a couple of e-book (Kindle) images my daughter took. I told her to think artistically.

(What is she reading???)

And to be fair, one more:

See what I mean? And of course, real books are better to read. Maybe heavier but so much more personality. I know I’m right.  And to be fair to my daughter, she has piles of books around. Piles! I don’t know why she has a Kindle but I don’t judge.

And besides, you’ll never see this with any e-books – an aisle full of them.



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