Frustrated Otter :(

shakespeareI’ve been having internet issues which is why I didn’t post last Thursday. I thought my draft was saved. It wasn’t. I knew I should have saved my writing to a word document but I didn’t. That’s okay because it was a touch of negative.

This week I’m having issues getting my new laptop to find my blog. Well, it found it but WordPress won’t let me find the Admin to edit. I can find the site but the techs have told me the site has been lost. Lost? I can find it on this laptop. The one that is slowly dying. Hope it doesn’t take down the blog with it…

Anyways, I’m doing well, The store is doing well. All is well. Just experiencing technical frustration.

A number of boxes have made their way into the store via some great book scouts I have. A lot of non-fiction and then some obscure fiction. What’s come in? Ah, get your shoes on and come in and find out. That’s right. I’m all about getting you to come into the store. How else do you expect to find out what OCUB is all about?

Back to the new laptop and see if the techies have found out how I can access the site. Wish me luck!

(Plus I needed to find out if my site was really available. It is! Phew!)

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