Right Around the Corner

2014_ChristmasI’ve been trying to keep up with holes on the shelves with the new arrivals.

The store is open on Sundays throughout the month (11 am-3 pm) and it is a fun time to be in the store. I enjoy Sundays and evening hours the best in here. I guess because I find the store cozier. Sundays are so relaxing and the evening light is magical in here.

Small Business Saturday was great fun. I had a number of people fill out tickets for a $30 in-store certificate. The best part was asking the question, what is your favorite book. Responses were varied with most people saying they don’t have just one and didn’t want to name one without naming them all. My kind of people! Some left the line blank. Here are a few titles given: ATLAS SHRUGGED, THE GLASS CASTLE, THE BOOK THIEF, A MODERN HERBAL, PLANET OF ADVENTURE. The winner of the drawing was Marcia from Ferrisburgh whose favorite book is HOW TO KNOW HIGHER WORLDS.

An Otter Merry Christmas!

Two weeks before Christmas. It feels oh so magical with all the fresh snow. And this is turning into a very special Christmas for my family. We welcomed a new grandchild into our family yesterday, 12/10/2014.  Lincoln Thomas. Mother and baby are doing very well. He is a wee one but healthy.

Stag & Doe Night

Merry Middlebury Stag & Doe Night

Notice Anything Different?


I’m reworking my website. It’s just a perfect time. Like I don’t have anything else to do. Oh, but it’s all good and change is good. Just don’t be surprise if you come back for a visit and the site has changed again. What’s the saying: women have the right to change their mind? Yea, so that. Actually there are so many templates I want to try them all out but for now I’ll use this one.

Back to straightening up shelves, restocking and all that fun stuff.

Guess What’s Around the Corner? Yep! Holidays!

1-christmas2014Christmas. New Year’s. Right around the corner. Am I ready? Maybe… Ha! I’ve had my ideas flowing as for decorating the store (never mind my house). Mainly the windows in front, window in the Big Yellow Room, as well as for curb appeal. I started thinking about the windows before Halloween. I think I’ve got it set in my mind as to how it all will come together. Guess I better get cracking!

Inventory? Well, I have new (or rather new used…) books coming in all the time, so I think I’m okay with that. One just never knows what will come in. I do want to hunt down some more children’s books appropriate for the season, and vintage Christmas books. Oh, I’ve ordered more buttons from beanforest. Love his sense of humor and so do my customers! Those just arrived today. Yea!

I have been out straight since I was away for a few days in November. The constant SPS (sorting, pricing, shelving). Makes for a busy, busy used bookstore lady.

Today is Black Friday so it always make for an interesting day. Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday. I’m also using the day to celebrate 8 years of owning the store. Eight years! Time sure goes by fast when you are having fun. And it has. And it has been. I wouldn’t trade those years for anything. So for SMS (Small Business Saturday) there will be refreshments, a drawing for a gift certificate to the store as well as those who spend over $25 will be entered for a Better Middlebury Partnership drawing for Middlebury Money. It’s just going to be a fun day so stop in when you are in Middlebury!



October 2014 Middlebury Arts Walk – me

This is hard for me but I’m doing it. Hard for me to put myself out there but I know I have to do it. It’s not that I’m not proud of what I do it’s just well, personal. I love it. I’m happy with it. When I go home from tending the store I pick up my needle and thread and proceed to create.

1-photo 5(3) 1-photo 4(5) 1-photo 3(9) 1-photo 3(8) 1-photo 2(17) 1-photo 2(16) 1-photo 1(16)

I like to repurpose. In this case, I took a tablecloth that someone embroidered flowers in its corners. I cut them out, as you can see, and made into a bunting. The scraps from the tablecloth went into most of the pieces seen above – books, signs, and the muffin tin boasting words describing angels. Nothing goes to waste.

I hope you enjoy the pieces as much as I enjoy stitching them.

August Middlebury [Vermont] Arts Walk

Had a very busy week last week. A lot of new used books coming in (and going out!) so I’m behind in promoting the August Arts Walk. A day late…but better late than never, right?

Continuing with the theme I set for 2014, Celebrating Words!, I chose an artist who I found on Etsy, Rachel Gertrude who is all the way from California. Rachel attracted me because of her use of colors, her style and that she produces postcards. Rachel enhances her work with sayings that seem to fit with all that’s going in the world today. To take a step back and appreciate life and the living. I love her work. You can see more of it at her shop, http://www.etsy.com/shop/rachelgertrude.

Here is the display I set up to promote her work:

1-photo(117) 1-photo(119)1-photo 4(4) 1-photo 3(5) 1-photo 2(12) 1-photo 1(13)1-photo(118)I’ll leave you with a quote from Rachel, which I love: “How we live is just as important of a creative mark as our latest painting or whatever it is we’re doing.”

Otter Updates

We’ve been very busy in the store! So many books have come in so most of the time it’s been going through them – SPS (sorting, pricing, shelving).

1-photo(109)1-photo(106)1-photo(108)Slow and steady. Civil War to local authors and fiction and a lot of others sprinkled in. Come in and check them out. Surely something will catch your eye.

Last Friday – July 11, 2014 – was the Middlebury Arts Walk. The artist was Hannah Harding-Minton (SCAD ’05). Below is a sampling of her work keeping to our store’s theme of Words.

Hannah Harding Minton 1Hannah Harding Minton 2Hannah Harding Minton 3

Hope your summer is going as great as ours. We’ve a great selection of good summer reads. Stop in and peruse or at least stop in to say hi! Enjoy!




June Middlebury Arts Walk – Featuring beanforest


beanforest logo

For the June 2014 Middlebury Arts Walk the store is featuring button art by artist, Vince of beanforest. All the way from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Keeping with the theme I set for 2014: Celebrate Words. Dozens of wearable buttons spouting all sorts of thoughts relating to books, authors, reading, literature, etc.


sampling of beanforest buttons

A little info about Vince: In elementary school, he often got in trouble for laughing at inappropriate times. In middle school, he often told failed jokes that were met with confused silence. His sense of humor finally balanced out somehow in high school. He enjoys writing, drawing, mixing metaphors, biking, meeting people, reading, anticipating the break in electronic dance music, anomalies, and dozens of thousands of other things, Writing in the third person distresses him.

All button orders are stamped by hand either by Vince or a friend, and with the exception of classic literature quotes in the public domain (Shakespeare, Melville, etc.), all artwork and phrases are original, written and designed by him. He offers so much more than what I chose as I kept to the theme of a bookstore.

You can find Vince (as I did!) on etsy.com or through his art/comic blog at jankybeanforest.blogspot.com.

My favorite button? “hell ya, helvetica!” For its randomness.


June 2014 Middlebury Arts Walk display featuring beanforest

So my friend goes to Paris…

and, of course, he goes to Shakespeare & Company (twice!). He so nicely brought me a gift.

Perfect! Right?  And no, I won’t sell it. Promise! (Yes, I’ve been known to sell my daughter’s books as I’m reading them in the bookstore. Sorry, Hannah…) It’s definitely a book that goes home with me. Thanks, Bill!

“Paris in May” and the May Arts Walk Celebrating “Words through Art”

Lots going on in here! And of course…there’s always the used books…

paris2Paris in May! Celebrating all that’s French. Particularly Paris. Why? Why not?  Read my previous post to catch-up, if you want. Shakespeare & Co. is the focal point and acknowledging Sylvia Beach and George Whitman, Paris and France. All in good fun. And please note the cherry blossom branch in the front window. I made them. And kinda proud that I came up with idea. You see, if I’m not reading I’m embroidering. Making up or adapting designs. So here’s to Paris!

Middlebury Arts Walk! Happening this Friday night, May 9, 5-7pm. Stop by. The theme for 2014 in the store is Words. I’m pretty excited about it. Words in many forms. For Friday night the featured artist is Nancy Scarcello, a self-taught artist, photographer, picture framer, drum maker and set designer from Florence, VT. She’s also a writer and a lover of words (:-)), a sign painter for many years, so creating with words is a melding of her two favorite things, arts and words which is also a vehicle for her to put her universal message out into the world. Perfect for celebrating Words!



“Heaven is a place with books and cherry trees,” Shakespeare and Company. (From a 2014 email they sent me!)