Right Around the Corner

2014_ChristmasI’ve been trying to keep up with holes on the shelves with the new arrivals.

The store is open on Sundays throughout the month (11 am-3 pm) and it is a fun time to be in the store. I enjoy Sundays and evening hours the best in here. I guess because I find the store cozier. Sundays are so relaxing and the evening light is magical in here.

Small Business Saturday was great fun. I had a number of people fill out tickets for a $30 in-store certificate. The best part was asking the question, what is your favorite book. Responses were varied with most people saying they don’t have just one and didn’t want to name one without naming them all. My kind of people! Some left the line blank. Here are a few titles given: ATLAS SHRUGGED, THE GLASS CASTLE, THE BOOK THIEF, A MODERN HERBAL, PLANET OF ADVENTURE. The winner of the drawing was Marcia from Ferrisburgh whose favorite book is HOW TO KNOW HIGHER WORLDS.

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