I Think I’m Getting There…Organized, that is.

A customer told me putting a used bookstore back together again must be like putting a puzzle together. Well, yes it is! Yes! It is. Fortunately I like putting puzzles together.

I would say that most shelves are organized. Some are still going to be moved around but not today. I’ll save that for another day. Been spending most of my days getting books up, removing boxes stored at my house (all gone, yea!), and other used bookstore stuff. The next will be to tackle one of the storage units I secured for the move. Yeah….

Business has been okay since I moved in. I know leaving Main Street would hurt somewhat but I’m optimistic of this new space. I know it will work out. How couldn’t it? It is full of light! Windows. I’m sitting here at my desk beside one and have a glorious view of a parking lot. No, I’m not being snide. It’s wonderful!  The sky, too. I see the rolling clouds coming in. It’s perfect. I can’t wait for winter to experience it here. I know it is going to be snuggly. And there are nooks and crannies full of books. …happy sigh….

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