Even Cowgirls and Used Bookstore Ladies Get the Blues

Yea. When I add a new post I’m in a good mood. Today not so much. And I thought I would post about it because, well, frankly it isn’t always peaches & cream in a used bookstore. Granted, one can make it what one wants and just because I’m down right now doesn’t mean I won’t snap out of it. In fact, I’ve already decided how to get myself out of this mess I’m in. (in my head mess.)

First to address my mood and why. It can’t be about all the boxes that have just come in. No, because that’s always exciting. They are luring me to open them up and explore. I’ve had some sales this morning so that’s good. I think it’s from yesterday. In the afternoon I was online and checking out different blogs and of course, Facebook. From one of the many places I visited I came across a used bookstore in England and fell in love with it. And it hit me – which I think has carried over to today – that it is hard work to create a space, fill that space and maintain it all alone. There is SO much I want to do here and I underestimated myself that I thought I would be at least half way there by now. But I’m so far from being halfway. Don’t get me wrong I’m very happy but also frustrated.

My motto in my other location was “one book at a time” as I was trying to change out the inventory to more quality books. It’s more than that here. It’s rearranging, putting up bookends, alphabetizing, painting, building or securing more bookcases to fit open spaces, shelving and very importantly, getting a grip on the storage area. I want, at least, a path to the fridge! And never mind about dealing with all the boxes!

Ok! That’s enough. Time to get myself together. Gonna put a “back in 10 minutes” sign to check the mail. Walk around the block. And stop in at Stoneleaf Tea House and get a cup of tea to go. Going to try a new flavor. Something with green tea and rice. Sounds interesting and refreshing, huh? Then I’ll be ready to tackle whatever comes my way for the rest of the day and continue to plug along! And I’ll be in a great mood.



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