September 2014 Arts Walk – “Words on Fire” with Pam H. Davis & Laurel Casey

[I had issues getting on my blog…weird stuff happening. Finally was able to log in and find my working pages and photos.]

End of summer
And beginning of winter
Is September!
Excerpt from a poem titled A Fun of September! by T. A. Ramesh

The September Arts Walk obviously happened earlier but the art is still on exhibit within the store. Pam H. Davis exhibited small constructions and framed images of constructions as an homage to the explosive verbiage permeating the summer of 2014. “Art which transmutes, transforms, translates can also confuse and provoke. I aim for communication not confusion, humor not rancor,” Pam H. Davis. See some of her work below.


Bi-vale – Pam H. Davis


Chill – Pam H. Davis


Climate Change – Pam H. Davis


Pick Your Own – Pam H. Davis


Art at Work – Pam H. Davis


Hope & More – Pam H. Davis


Where Time Goes – Pam H. Davis


Laurel Casey as Dr. L.H. Casey, Etymologist & Sociolinquist

The September Arts Walk also included the multi-talented artist and actress, Laurel Casey. Laurel (see above) took on the role of Dr. L.H. Casey, Etymologist, sociolinquist and author of the best-selling “Open Mouth-Insert Foot”. Casey lectured on what constitutes a Word on Fire. Personal Discourse Analysis were available for everyone’s most urgent communication needs. And some even took her up on the analysis.

It was a fun evening!


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