Crazy Used Bookstore Lady

09205523-1F71-4D5D-96C2-8B8D93C7EE4CYes, I’ve become one. BUT, I’m working on improving and not being quite so crazy. Which in itself is craziness. Two words…storage units. Yes, I have storage units. Isn’t that crazy? Well, I think so. But last month I got through one so…one less. And trying to get through another one this month. The goal is to keep one and use that to work from. That makes sense, doesn’t it? I have little to no room here within the store for boxes that I need to go through. Some times I’ve so much inventory that I’ll just pile books – artistically, of course – in the front window because there’s just no room for the books. Anywhere. When you see ‘artistically’ piled books in the front window…well, now you know. Don’t get me wrong. Having inventory is a great thing. Of course! I’m not actually complaining except for when I get my monthly storage bill. Yikes! And that explains why I’m not buying books. Not until I get my inventory in-check, under control, I’m not overwhelmed, and I’ve got a good handle on the books. Well, as best as a used bookstore lady can get. And the photo shown? Know that this is the unit that was cleaned out. Phew!

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