Test – Otter Style

IMG_2530Ok…this is a test. Supposedly the Happiness Engineers at WordPress have found that, well, yes, indeed you, Barbara Harding, own the website, ottercreekusedbooks.com. So we will allow you to post a blog entry on your website, ottercreekusedbooks.com written on your new laptop. Sorry for the crappy time you had with us (of course, they haven’t written that. It’s just in my imagination). And thank you for all the effort you put into researching, coming up with creative ways to get us to see that you, in fact, do own the website, ottercreekusedbooks.com. Well, you see, with all the Russian interference we didn’t want Otter Creek Used Books to get hit with some devious act that only the Russians can do to a simple, little used bookstores located in a little town like Middlebury, Vermont.

I know! UGH! This situation was the most craziest situations I have ever been in. I am so ready to put it behind me. I hope they keep my emails for fun reading…. Crazy. Crazy. Crazy. With this post it will be a happy ending. I look forward to hitting the “Publish…” button and see for myself that it is online. Here goes…….

“Never give up… No one knows what’s going to happen next.” – L. Frank Baum (Seriously, L. Frank. Maybe this blog will be posted. Maybe. Ok, really. Now here goes!)


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