Books, Books and More Books

IMG_2552Just a quick post. And to test to see if this post will be seen on Facebook.

OCUB is at its max of receiving used books for this week. Seriously! I’m working really hard to stay grounded with the amount of work, the amount of books in. My claustrophobia is under control. Even today.  And determining where to put the boxes so customers won’t be tripping over them. And, me as well.

So what has come in? Theater, philosophy, genealogy, books on food, eating and wine, playing bridge, quilting, stamp collecting including a collection of The Penny Post. Genealogy. I’ll write more about that collection another time. All-in-all, a sampling. In terms of number of boxes, more than twenty have made it into the store. Going through them is oh, so much fun. Fairly modern books. Stop in.


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