Shhh….an Otter Secret Event ;)

IMG_2576Excited to share! OCUB will have a half-off sale next week. Monday Oct 30 through Saturday Nov 4. And yes, all books are half-off our penciled prices. Yes, all. So stop in and  check out a fun-filled used bookstore. Guess it’s really not a secret…

After the sale OCUB will close Mon Nov 6 through Fri Nov 10 for some down time. I’ll be walking the chilly beaches of Maine, enjoying some buttery seafood, and poking my head into a number of used bookstores.  Reading in a favorite coffeehouse. Relaxing and enjoying simplicity.

“O grant me a house by the beach of a bay,
Where the waves can be surly in winter, and play
With the sea-weed in summer, ye bountiful powers!
And I’d leave all the hurry, the noise, and the fray,
For a house full of books, and a garden of flowers.”
-Andrew Lang



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