Here Is Why I Love Used Bookstores!

Look what has just come in! They make me swoon. Enjoy! Better yet, stop in and see them in person. There are plenty other books to also experience. Dickens_set Burns_1818_2 vols (1) Wildflowers_NY_1921 Birds_NY_1925

Books That Excite Little Otter Me!

Oh! I admit there are certain types of books that come into the store that truly excite me. And I openly admit they are hard for me to put on the shelf but I do. I know! How mature.  Here is one that just came in. Isn’t it awesome? It fits perfectly in the hand. Has enough wear that puts it over the edge of greatness. The title is “Field Book of Wild Birds and Their Music: A Description of the Character and Music of Birds, Intended to Assist in the Identification of Species Common in the United States East of the Rocky Mountains,” written by F. Schuyler Mathews. It is a revised edition (1921) printed by G. P. Putnam’s Sons. Why aren’t more books like this published now?

Awesome Book!

Songs of the Meadowlark