A Walk Around the Block

In the morning I try to take a walk around the block after I do my banking. I’m always scouting out those little things that make the walk interesting. Of course these days, all the rain has made the Middlebury Falls very interesting. I thought I would share some of the things that I’ve found along this walk.

I do my banking at the National Bank of Middlebury so I head south on Main Street, walk down Frog Hollow Alley to take the footbridge over the Otter Creek that leads to the MarbleWorks area. And to my back door at the bottom of Printer’s Alley. Middlebury is a great town to poke around and see what one can discover.


Main Street Flowerboxes

Awesome Trinkets at Bejeweled

Look what I found at the end of the Alley - Burritos!

Signage for Middlebury's Monthly Art Walk 🙂


Number 3


The Question Is?


Footbridge Over Otter Creek

View From Footbridge of Falls

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