The Power of a Book

I’d like to share a story that happened a short time ago. It is a lovely story that will, hopefully, make everyone feel good and appreciative of life, and rediscover the power of love.

A gentleman came in searching for a couple of particular books which unfortunately weren’t found in the store. While looking though, he came across a book in the Religion section with a title that looked interesting. He pulled out the book and opened it to discover inserted within the pages a Dove dark chocolate candy wrapper. He recognized the book as one that could have been hers but placed it back on the shelf and came out front to tell me his story. Her story. His wife passed last month. He remembered she had brought books in for trade awhile back. Whenever he found her reading a book he would present her with a piece of Dove dark chocolate. She would flatten the wrapper and then use it as a bookmark. He felt the book he had just discovered could have been hers and how special it was he had discovered it. I told him the book was meant for him and it was his to take as she obviously directed him to it. After a few minutes he thought that maybe if he read it it might help him understand her life – their life together – better.

I generally go through the books as they arrive removing any sort of unrelated papers or what have you found within the pages before they go up on the shelves so I was surprised the wrapper got by me.

Unfortunately I never asked the title of the book but the saying on the wrapper stated, “Trust your instincts.”


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