Moving Down the Creek

Yes, Otter Creek Used Books is moving. Not far. A short walk into the MarbleWorks area. Questions of logistics still need to be answered but have no fear, I’ll come up with something. Wonderful customers have offered suggestions which are very appreciative. Even offering up some muscles to help with the move. And that is very appreciated!

There are many pluses on the decision to move. Only one negative: moving off of Main Street. The reasons to make the move are: no stairs to climb, easier and more parking, windows, the camaraderie between businesses already there.

Why am I moving? For all those reasons. Okay, mainly for the windows. I enjoy the location I am currently in. The owner of the building has been wonderful to work with. Very pro-business which I appreciate. But after five years here I’m starting to feel like I’m in a basement. I could ignore it before but can’t anymore. I’m needing to come up to the earth and be a part of it. Did I mention the windows where I’m relocating to?


More on this later. I’ll keep you posted on the transition with a progress report. Including photos.

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