2012! Otterly Fantastic!

I am so excited about 2012 with all the changes that have happened here in the store. For one, the new location. I am very happy here in Middlebury’s Marble Work area. Just a few steps from Main Street. Not that far from the previous location.

Just for the record, only one person has complained about the store’s new location. I just chalk it up to her being a cranky old lady. 🙂

I’m still settling in. I thought I would have been done by now but I’m not. Seems every other day a friend comes by to bring in new inventory so I’ve been dealing with those boxes. I have gone to the storage units. I’ve opened the doors and well, looked in and then closed the door. I don’t know why. Some day I’ll tackle them. Hopefully soon. Got some great books in those boxes.

Took a couple of days and went book scouting. That is so much fun! And no sooner than those books got unpacked and shelved they were sold. Makes me feel good. I’m knowing my customers.

Stop by. Poke around. And remember you can find some of my books online by visiting Abebooks.com or Biblio.com. And  while you are at it check out the VABA (Vermont Antiquarian Booksellers Association) website: http://www.VermontIsBookCountry.com.

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