And the Word of the Week is…

Karma.  Well, actually that was last week’s word. Because of Karma’s sake I won’t go into why it was the word of the week. Best to leave things like that alone. Things, situations, people. Alone. Did you know books also have karma? I believe they do. ….karma

Webster says...

So that brings us to this week’s word which is Trust! A much better word. But it is a scary word. Why? Because it is has such power. Think of it. Trust. “Trust your instincts.” “Trust in the Lord.” Confidence. Faith. To feel secure. Trust. So I’m doing a lot of trusting this week. And I hope it pays off.


You didn’t think running a used bookstore was so interesting, huh? It’s not always about the book(s).

Elephant bookends just made their way into the store.

And then something fun happens. Makes my day!

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