[Used] Book Quotes

Over the past number of days I have stumbled across literary quotes about books. Uncanny. Why? Makes me wonder. I don’t know. No idea but I have. Maybe it goes back to the word of a couple of weeks ago: Karma. Oh, and by the way, the word of this week is Appreciation. Ties into Karma and Trust.

So getting back to quotes about books. This is the quote currently found on the outdoor easel (Which no one has commented on how well it looks painted red. Leftover paint from the other location): “Libraries are not made; they grow, ” Augustine Birrell. He has another quote that I like: “Good as it is to inherit a library, it is better to collect one.” Another: “On level lines of woodwork stand my books obedient to my hand,” by Justin Huntly McCarthy. And by Emilie Poulsson, “Books are keys to wisdom’s treasure; Books are gates to lands of pleasures; Books are paths that upward lead; Books are friends. Come, let us read.”

Where do I find my quotes? The old fashion way, of course. I have a copy of John Bartlett’s, FAMILIAR QUOTATIONS: A COLLECTION OF PASSAGES, PHRASES, AND PROVERBS TRACED TO THEIR SOURCES IN ANCIENT AND MODERN LITERATURE (eleventh edition, revised and enlarged, 1945) on my lap. I confess I have gone online but I was feeling guilty so I swore off scouring the internet for quotes on books or reading. You know what I mean? Felt like I was sinning. 😉

Knitted Valentine Love by me!


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