A Used Bookstore – Never a Dull Moment!

So I’m working on designing a display promoting the store for the month of March in the National Bank of Middlebury’s big window. I’m excited because that’s one thing I miss about my old Main Street location. The only thing I miss about that space. That large window urging me to cleverly fill it.

I’ve been thinking of possible themes or just letting go and being random. Themes I came up with are: books on Vermont, local authors, books with funky titles, titles with the word March, books on books, or even taking one book and including all books referred to by that main book. With that, I was thinking of hosting a contest to see if anyone could name the main book. The more I thought of it it might just be too, too….would anyone want to spend time trying to figure it out. Or care. One book I thought of using was Helene Hanff’s 84 CHARING CROSS ROAD. A book I just adore. I’d like an English pen-pal. Exchange books. Visit the shop. I’d have an English section. Yea, I’m getting out of control.

So, trying to get back on track…I’m going to fill the space with books and let it all speak for the store: eclectic, funky junky. Ah, that feels right. And have fun with it! Always!

Now this all ties in with a phone call I just took. Some poor soul 😉 has inherited books that he just cannot keep and is, so far, being unsuccessful in finding them good homes. And records – 78’s. Remember those? Anyways, he is in southern Vermont so it isn’t logistically working out for me to accept them.  Unfortunately I never asked him how he found my website which I’m always surprised and taken back when customers tell me they’ve found and read it. I guess, because I don’t sell books online directly from it. It’s expensive to set it up and well, I can’t take that on. Yet. I could have if I hadn’t moved but no, I had to move and pretty much start my business over again. Ugh! All for windows. Hey, it’s worth it. That’s all I can say. So my website is a blog of randomness all used bookstore related.

Oh, and someone asked me what the word of the week is. (Seriously, people do read the website!) and I chose Clever. Being clever. I have no idea. It just works for me this week. Better than being dull! 😉

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