Busy Day Here In the Used Book Store

A quiet moment…been busy today. I’m learning about the new program I have for buying back textbooks. Yes, I buy used textbooks. It probably undignifies me in the glamorous world of antiquarian books but it helps me out through my slow months of April, May, and June. Once the weather starts warming after chilly winters Vermonters go outdoors and get their gardens ready, head up to Church Street (in Burlington) to people watch, or take to the hiking trails, go fishing. Anything to be outside and enjoy the warmer weather. Those months who feels like reading? Well, me but if I could I would also be outside. And it also helps to bring in college students to check out the store.

I didn’t mean to leave my last post up so long. I actually forgot about it. (yea, right!) Every day since I posted it I had the intention to change it but the store got busy. Today I had a conversation with a customer who mentioned the post which reminded me I had to change it. As soon as I had a moment. Here’s my moment. Late in the afternoon.

As I mentioned earlier it’s been about buying back textbooks today. I’m working with a new company as the previous was recently sold to Penntext.com. Their site is up but it’s going through revision. Should be live soon. Then one can type in an ISBN number and purchase textbooks online.  Lauren, the Remote Buyback Coordinator, was in the store for a meet and greet, and go over everything. We were even able to help a mother looking for her son’s  college books. Remember when you or your college kids are finished with the books bring them in and I’ll buy them back from you.  Cash on the spot. Actually a check but the bank is just a bit away. Then I’ll ship them to Lauren. Well, actually the company in PA.

Today I’ve also been trying to figure out a way to reconfigure the ‘front room’. Where the cash register is. I need a bigger table/counter. I think I’m going to take a door we have in  in our garage and make it into a countertop. I like that idea but now I’ve got to come up with an idea of what to lay the door on. Could make bookshelves from other doors. Oh, Rusty! What cha doing? Nothing? Oh, have I got a project for you!

Sorry for no photos. I can’t get my new laptop to recognize my cellphone. That’ll be tomorrow’s project.

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